Introducing the World’s Strongest Librarian

Please click the link below and learn more about this guy — you’ll be glad you did. This is some of his thoughts from “Five More Reasons to Love Kettlebells.”

By Josh Hanagarne

“It feels cool to do stuff like this. It’s fun. More importantly, a movement like this is impossible if your whole body doesn’t work together. You learn things about yourself because you have to practice. You can’t improve without practice and it’s more fun to practice than to “work out.”

“Nearly every movement you do with a kettlebell requires that your whole body do something. If one part breaks down, the movement either fails or puts your body in a compromising position.”

“I’ve been coaching my wife Janette and she has changed in the last three weeks. Her whole body is gaining strength and it is so fun to see the confidence she’s getting. We’re not working on a dainty tricep here or a shapely calf there.”

“Everything hardens up and gains strength at once. It’s a great feeling.”

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