Stop Running!

This is a guest post by strength trainer Jordan Vezina. Enjoy.

Stop Running, Start Hardstyle Training

“Hardstyle” is reverse engineered body language of the most powerful people in the world.

Originally “hard style” referred to martial arts like karate which concentrated total body muscle tension into one extraordinary effort—“one punch, one kill”. When Pavel Tsatsouline, chief instructor of the RKC, served in the Soviet Special Forces, his unit was among those who had adopted a karate-based style of hand-to-hand combat. The hard style of kettlebell training was born to support the hard style of fighting.

Determined to take the skill of strength as far as possible, Pavel researched every possible venue that could be of help ranging from reading obscure neuroscience papers and old Soviet bio mechanics texts, to picking the brains of gymnastics, powerlifting, and arm-wrestling elite.

Power-lifting coach Louie Simmons has said it best: “Pavel has reverse engineered what the strongest athletes do naturally.” This is Hardstyle.

It boils down to reverse-engineering the techniques that the masters do unconsciously, then compiling and explaining those techniques in plain language. Such techniques include: compound movements, appropriate timing of body tension, power breathing, not training to failure or exhaustion, strength as practice, doing fewer things better, etc. Hardstyle includes more than just kettlebell training.

What Will Kettlebell Training Do For You?

If you have been around the block, the hardstyle techniques will noticeably and immediately improve your strength in pullups, pistols, kettlebell military presses, one-arm pushups, handstand pushups, and a variety of killer abdominal drills.

If you are new to strength, you will learn how to do these lifts right or, if you have a long way to go, get a clear set of individualized instructions for mastering them.

How to learn more

Any of Pavel’s books will introduce you to his hardstyle methods. Most notable in this regard are Power to the People and Naked Warrior.

What they say about Pavel’s training:

“If I could have met Pavel in the early ’80s, I might have won two gold medals.”
—Dr. Dennis Koslowski, Olympic Silver Medallist Greco-Roman Wrestling

“… if I were to recommend one Physical Training program to develop a Marine’s overall strength and fighting capability, it would be one prescribed by Pavel Tsatsouline. His exercise principles are well researched, easy to implement, and focus directly on a functional end-state: high caliber efficiency. From hoisting his beloved Kettlebells to Janda sit-ups to one-legged squats, results are declarative… stop looking for a better piece of equipment or diet supplement and get ‘Pavelized.’”
—George H. Bristol, Col., USMC, Founder Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

“… sophisticated and raw at the same time… Add nothing. Take nothing away. You… are the “Rolling Stones”, just keep playing and don’t die – that’s all you got to do.”
—Gray Cook, consultant to the NHL, NBA, NFL, and WNBA, the author of Athletic Body in Balance

“I salute Pavel…” —Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell Club

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