The Most “Fun” I Ever Had With Kettlebells

By Josh Hanagarne,
World’s Strongest Librarian

When Mike asked me what the most fun I ever had with kettlebells was, I thought: Man, we are a sick bunch. 

Who in their right mind would call a session with kettlebells fun?

If you’ve ever used a kettlebell, you know what I’m talking about. When I think of fun, I think of things like sex, the perfect bowl of clam chowder, going to the movies, etc. I don’t think about the grim feeling of approaching a kettlebell knowing you’ve got 10 minutes of snatches coming up.

It’s never easy

But it’s not like you have to be doing 10 minutes of snatches to have a hard time with a kettlebell. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve never done a workout—or practice, as well call them in the RKC—with kettlebells that felt easy.

I’ve had practices where I felt very strong. I’ve had practices where I’ve felt weak as a kitten. I’ve had hundreds of in-between days.

I suppose I just found out how I would answer Mike’s question: the most fun I’ve ever had with kettlebells was every single time I picked them up and knew I was stronger than before. There is a satisfaction in increasing your work capacity and strength that I can’t explain better than this: training hard changes you. The days when you realize that you have improved are priceless.

And the wonderful thing is, those days come more often as you go. Then the real fun starts when you get to go buy newer, bigger, scarier, funner (not a word) kettlebells.


Days where you break your own records are lots of fun. The day I did a mile-long farmer’s walk with an 88 lb kettlebell in each hand was fun. Kettlebell practices with friends are fun. The RKC weekend was fun. The Secret Service Snatch Test is fun. Working hard is fun. Getting stronger is fun. Seeing people’s eyes bug out when they realize how hard you work is fun.

I could go on and on and on…but not without sounding like a deranged lunatic to people not “in the know.”

If this has gotten you curious about kettlebells, I’ve done my job as an RKC. If you’re already a veteran and you’re nodding your head and grinning like a maniac, well — that works too.

Seriously, it’s a lot of fun. Fun like Christmas.

In Hell.

Josh Hanagarne

Get Stronger, Get Smarter, Live Better…Every Day

About the Author: Josh Hanagarne, RKC, is the twitchy giant behind World’s Strongest Librarian, a blog about living with Tourette’s Syndrome, kettlebells, book recommendations, buying pants when you’re 6’8”, old-time strongman training, and much more.

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