What If Your Shoulder Hurts?

Or does something else hurt?

Now you can be grateful. You’ve found the weak link that would hold you back in the long run unless you do something about it. And the solution is at hand.

Almost all pain is a movement problem. And the right movement correction can fix things – often quickly.

The most common knee-jerk reply to a patient’s joint pain far-too-often is “It’s arthritis” and “Stop doing that movement and take these pills.”

If arthritis is defined as an inflammatory condition in the joint, then what’s the underlying cause of that inflammation? MOVEMENT! And if there’s a defect in the movement, don’t we need to address that?

How do you find the real cause of your pain?

When nothingt helped my knee, a drill from the book Pain Free cured my chronic knee pain in two days.

Go see a doctor. But when you’re on your own, it doesn’t hurt to get the PAIN FREE book at and see if it does the trick for you.

My Mom’s Shoulder Pain Story

My mother, 70 years old, had shoulder pain for 4 months. The cortisone shots did nothing. An MRI showed arthritis, torn rotator cuff, bursitis, and inflammation. The pain was so bad at night she often cried.

We found Pain Free at the library. It took my mother 15 minutes to do the movements/exercises in the book. And her pain was 50% improved! Repeating the exercises twice a day — by the end of the second day her pain was completely GONE!

You may need to see it to believe it. I just hope you try it. The libraries around here have the book. If that’s the case where you live, it won’t cost you a dime to give it a try.

My Own Knee Story

I had a chronic knee problem. Squatting hurt my right knee. I tried sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists. But when I tried the Egoscue exercises for knee pain (which had nothing to do with my knee, instead hips and shoulders) the pain was gone in two days. And has not returned.

With Z-Health, I’m I-Phase certified — in other words, I have a few tools up my sleeve. I worked with Dr. Cobb (of Z-Health) in two sessions for my knee. We could get the pain to move around to different spots, therefore, suggesting that the pain wasn’t an actual injury. We realized I just didn’t have all the right muscles firing.

The point: if nothing else has worked, what do you have to lose. Try the Egoscue exercises. Believe me, if your knee hurts, that’s just a symptom of a movement problem somewhere else. Surgery won’t fix the underlying problem.

“He who treats the site of the pain is lost”
— Levitt

I don’t know a single person who’s had significant, lasting results from a physical therapist or doctor. I guess it might work for some — not among the people I know, however.

If your back hurts — it’s not because of your back. And that goes for your knees, shoulders, hips, etc.

Your back (or knee, etc.) is the victim, suffering from poor movement or poor alignment. It can be fixed! It takes a little effort on your part.

If you’ve read my story about my former back problems, you know that 50% of people with NO back pain have herniated discs. I had a huge herniated disc — and I no longer have any back pain. So herniated discs are not a good excuse. And, just as many people with NO shoulder problems have torn rotator cuffs. Like my mother’s case. So don’t let a doctor fool you with that nonsense either.

Surgery won’t fix the underlying problem. If you’ve tried sports massage, physical therapy , chiropractors, acupuncture, yoga therapy, sports medicine docs, you name it. All these things may help briefly, but likely they are only addressing your symptoms and not the source of the problem. So, your pain can return.

Remember, it’s your fault. You have to correct your movement dysfunction.

Egoscue’s philosophy in this book is: If your posture or bones are not aligned correctly (due to an injury or lack of use) some part of your body is going to suffer for it. The exercises re-program the muscles and bones to get back to their original design.

If one thing isn’t working, then trying something else might be a good idea. That’s why I suggest the PAIN FREE book.

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