Monday, January 5, 2009

Kettlebell Training on Virginia Peninsula

RKC Kettlebell Training
& Functional Movement Screen -- FMS

My clients come from:
Gloucester, Virginia
Mathews, Virginia
Williamsburg, Virginia
Yorktown, Virginia
Newport News, Virginia
Poquoson, Virginia
Hampton, Virginia

Free Downloads

Combat Conditioning
by Matt Furey (download e-book)

Combat Abs by Matt Furey

This guy is controversial, but that must be because he's bold and effective. He was a national wrestling champion. Also, he was the first American to ever win a championship in any world kung fu competition held in China. Read the results of Combat Conditioning. I bought my copy at his website. I'm glad I did because the new edition has tips that I couldn't have done without, and comes with a valuable companion DVD.
More interesting tidbits by Matt Furey:
Daily Tips Archive 1
Daily Tips Archive 2

ETK Bonus Manuals and Videos
If you've bought the book and dvd -- these will put some icing on that cake.

Building the Gymnastics Body

The first and only book ever available which provides detailed descriptions and progressions to allow both the fitness enthusiast and the competitive athlete to develop the amazing physique and power of a gymnast.

The secret is the step-by-step progression which cover all of the basic foundations of gymnastics preparation and conditioning. It covers static strength positions, general physical preparation and gymnastics specific exercises. There's literally nothing else like it available anywhere. The website is here.

Fatman's Guide to Cable Training (download e-book)
There is nothing better available yet.

Read Matt Furey on cable training.
The Chest Expander for Abounding Health (1930's) by Alfred Danks

Cable training, also known as strand pulling or chest expanders, have been used for thousands of years. The ancients pulled on their bows, as in 'bows and arrows'. The old time strong men of the early 1900's relied on it. It's interesting to note that many of the leaders in the strength training world are leading us back to the training philosophies from nearly 100 years ago and later -- the days when it mattered how strong you actually were instead of how strong you just looked.
My interest is in rehab and strengthening the stabilizer muscles of the shoulder. If you have any shoulder issues, this is often a simple, effective solution.

Golden Age
of Iron Men

Online Physical Culture Museum

Instead of buying these old books, read them here.

Click on the pictures to read the writings of famous strongmen from long ago. Read how they trained to perform feats unmatched today.

Barefoot Ted's
Running Sandal Kit
(e-book download)

Barefoot Ted sells all the supplies.
If you've read Born to Run by Christopher McDougal, here's how you can make the sandals. The book is a page-turner. A friend of mine said, 'Even my wife read it!'

Is Life a Random Walk?
by Harold Klemp

Ancient Wisdom
for Today

(download e-books)

I'd much rather experience something than just read about it. The spiritual exercises of Eckankar have unleashed dreams, soul travel, light, and sound experiences for me. I'm really grateful for all the help I've gotten from Harold Klemp. If you know that you are Soul, an infinite spiritual being, then this lifetime is a precious chance for spiritual realization.

This guy explains things you just don't hear anywhere else. This is a valuable one hour webinar by Gary Cook, renowned strength coach and physical therapist. Once you get to his web page, click on 'View Webinar' or download it to watch another time.

If you like what you can learn from Gray Cook, the Strength Coach Podcasts always include an Ask Gray Cook segment. All of the previous podcasts are available for you to download and listen.