The Worst Thing for Your Low Back

This is fascinating.

The greatest strain on the low back is…
sitting down and lifting weights.

And what do most people do in the gym?

Sit on a machine and lift weights!

This is the complete chart below.

This chart is from a Gray Cook lecture on the Functional Movement Screen. Apologies, I don’t have the source.

The Surprising Results 

Sometime ago, a research study implanted little sensors into the spinal discs of the subjects. The actual pressure inside the spinal joints was measured.

Look at the chart and see that:

  1. Sitting down with a load was much worse than bending over with a load! And the bending over was even done with improper mechanics.
  2. Flexing the spine is worse than extending the spine.

Does anything here surprise you?

Just another reason to learn to use your kettlebell.

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