Especially for the Older Trainee

If you can’t fly, run.
If you can’t run, walk.
If you can’t walk, crawl.
But by all means, keep moving.

—- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Of course the youngster can jump, stretch and lift. Of course he or she is slender and beautiful. That’s the nature of young bodies. When you’re twenty or thirty years old, you look great and you can do almost anything.

But what can you do at 40. Or better yet, 50 or more.

Below is important knowledge and inspiration. I wouldn’t have put it here if I didn’t HIGHLY recommend it for you.

Interview with Frank Forencich, author of Exuberant Animal. It contains:

  • The importance of PLAY in physical fitness.
  • Anywhere, anytime ways to get or stay fit.
  • Key points for older folks.

Older Folks – Start Here:

Frank has a great fitness routine called the “Exuberant Animal Short Form” that I love — it can be a workout in itself. Do each movement for 1 minute. Nine movements makes a total of 9 minutes. And there’s plenty of creativity and fun — and you will feel great!

I believe a movement program, such as the Exuberant Animal program, is necessary before kettlebell training. If you can do those nine moves well — and with gusto — then you’re ready to add kettlebells.

Simple, Back-To-Basics

The video below of Jay Armstrong from the Kettlebell Club gives a a highly effective and extremely simple exercise routine for any age. Bear with his drawn out explanations. Yes, it starts too simply — but see how he sophisticates the movements by the end. Can you keep up with him? If not, you better start practicing. Find out how much better you feel and look!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 07.39.49Interview with
Erwan Le Corre
creator of MovNat

Natural movements accessible to everyone.
“We can’t brush aside millions of years of evolution. Simply put, natural movement is about being strong, healthy, happy and free.”

Whether you’re in the city or the wilderness, young or old, developing the natural movements of the body brings a deep feeling of satisfaction. Cranking out reps with a dumbbell is no comparison — and no fun. Kettlebell training should enhance your natural movements — and it does if you learn the RKC way. Get going — just get moving.

Why not do more of this? The Workout the World Forgot:

Get in Shape with These 9 Must-Do Kettlebell Exercises

This compact, illustrated report will teach you, step by step, 9 critical Kettlebell exercises to burn fat and pack on lean muscle.

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