Best Kettlebell Books for Starters

Which books are good for getting started with Kettlebell training? Get in Shape with These 9 Must-Do Kettlebell ExercisesThis compact, illustrated report will teach you, step by step, 9 critical Kettlebell […]

Why I Need a Coach

Just a few things I’ve learned about needing a coach. Yes, I’m smarter than everyone else and I probably know 95% of what there is to know 🙂 But if […]

You Can Already Lift a Car!

How you practice makes all the difference! Some people still believe that you need a lot of muscle to be strong. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is well known that […]

Stop Running!

This is a guest post by strength trainer Jordan Vezina. Enjoy. Stop Running, Start Hardstyle Training “Hardstyle” is reverse engineered body language of the most powerful people in the world. […]